Annual Reports




1. Refer to the file Reaccreditation Requirements 2022.

2. Submit through the Google Form provided below on or before 11:59 PM, Saturday, July 30, 2022 the 2021 Annual Report of the Club containing the undertaken activities / programs / projects pertinent to UNESCO’s ideals and thrusts for June 2020 to June 2021 as well as the planned endeavors for 2022.

a. File type: Microsoft Word

b. File name: 2021 Annual Report of (NameofYourUNESCOClub)

3. For Contact Person: The Contact Person is the focal official of your UNESCO Club with which NCBUCP shall direct its communications for updates, announcements and the like.

4. A re-accreditation fee of Php500.00 should be settled on or before 11:59 PM, Saturday, July 30 2022. Please deposit the money on the following account:

Account Name: NCBUCP INC

Account Number: 1981-1777-69

Land Bank of the Philippines – YMCA Branch

For deposits from abroad, please use LBP Swift Code: TLBPPHMM

5. For Club Details:

a. Should you need to write the acronym of your club name, do indicate its complete meaning as well.

b. Include the Club Advisers in the List of Officials.

c. Under Advocacy and Projects, recognize the core mission of your club.

i. Theme / Program Sector includes (a) Education, (b) Social & Human Sciences, (c) Science & Technology, (d) Information & Communication, and/or (e) Culture. It is NOT necessary to fill in more than one sector. This depends on the advocacy of your club. If involved with multiple sectors, write according to priority with 1 as the highest.

ii. Values can be (a) Social Inclusion, (b) Civic Engagement & Participation, (c) Intercultural Dialogue, (d) Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation, (e) Skills Development, and/or (f) Violence and Conflict Prevention, and Consolidation of Peace

iii. For Fields for Action Projects, choose a specific field corresponding to a value. See Values& Fields in the succeeding page.

6. For Accomplished Activities: Include only those that are aligned with any of the UNESCO’s program sectors which were conducted between the duration of January 2020 to May 2021.

7. For Participation to NCBUCP Projects: Identify which activities or projects that your club participated. Among these activities, put at most two (2) action photos with each of its brief description.

8. For Future Projects: NCBUCP identified International Days proclaimed by United Nations and observed at UNESCO.

a. For all UNESCO Clubs

i. August 12 (International Youth Day) –Your club can implement a project or an event for the IYD celebration. The documentation such as news articles and photos or videos shall be consolidated by NCBUCP to be featured in the UNESCO Clubs Philippines Annual Convention.

ii. September 21 (International Day of Peace) – NCBUCP shall have its annual convention during this day and the attendance of at least one representative of each UNESCO club to this national conference is a requirement for endorsement for the club’s reaccreditation.

b. Per Program Sector. Refer to UNESCO Observances in the subsequent page. Each UNESCO club is encouraged to celebrate at least one, but not limited, of the activities mentioned therein. The complete list of International Days is presented thereafter with which the club can choose from if so deemed necessary.

For other concerns, email and visit our Facebook® page You can communicate directly to the NCBUCP Chairman Dr. Serafin Arviola Jr. 09178271880.

Download these files: