We, the members of the National Coordinating Body of UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines Inc. (NCBUCP) pleading the aid of the Divine Providence, in order to continuously be one of the leading professional organizations on UNESCO’s ideals, mission and programs in the Philippines, through the continuous dynamic and harmonious communications with all sectors of the society and through responsible partnership with other stakeholders, and by instilling in us and exemplifying in the exercise of our profession, a sense of commitment and dedication to moral, political, intellectual, social values and skills, do hereby ordain and promulgate this Constitution and by-laws.


NCBUCP shall seek through implementation of programs, projects and activities, to become a key player in mobilizing support for UNESCO’s ideals and mission at the grassroots level with different stakeholders in the Philippine society. Its specific objectives shall be:

  1. to promote “UNESCO’s areas of work” – education, science and technology, social and human sciences, culture, and communication - as a strong force in individual and social transformation;

  1. to promote the mission and goals of UNESCO in all sectors of the Philippines in accordance with local, national, regional and international development efforts;

  1. to assist UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines in addressing policies and standards in facilitating the attainment of quality education for all and lifelong learning for sustainable development; advocating for science knowledge and policy for sustainable development; addressing emerging social and ethical challenges; fostering cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and a culture of peace; contributing to building inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication.

  1. to establish and maintain close relationships among government agencies, private and non-government institutions in matters relating to UNESCOs areas of work;

  1. to establish and implement feasible projects and mechanisms for the promotion of networking among institutions for upgrading the professional growth of UNESCO Clubs officers and members in the Philippines;

  1. to lobby for laws and policies that will promote the development of UNESCO’s areas of work;

  1. to mobilize available resources for the conduct of continuing education of UNESCO Club officers and members;

  1. to undertake a nationwide advocacy campaign complementary to NatCom’s effort in the promotion of peace, eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, communication, and information.

  1. to gradually organize the accredited clubs in all regions of the country in order to involve greater participation in the UNESCO’s area of work;

  1. To develop and produce relevant training/instructional materials, produce books, manuals and the like on its own in partnership with duly recognized educational institutions in the country or in international arena in order to promote UNESCO’s area of work; and

  1. To establish close coordination and linkages with other international organizations particularly the Asia Pacific Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (AFUCA) and World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (WFUCA).