National Coordinating Body of 

Clubs for UNESCO in the Philippines (NCBUCP)

Member, Asian-Pacific Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations (AFUCA) 

Serafin A. Arviola Jr., Ph.D.

Founding Chairman,

National Coordinating Body of Clubs for UNESCO in the Philippines (NCBUCP)


The National Coordinating Body of Clubs for UNESCO in the Philippines continuously strive to reach every province in the country to establish a UNESCO grassroots initiative among schools and communities. Guided by UNESCO’s preamble, NAUCP highlights peace-building through education, culture, social sciences, science and technology, and information and communication strategies.

As we celebrate these milestones, we look back and reflect on our successes and evaluate where we, as an organization, can improve. This analytical report supplements the comprehensive 8-year report of the association. In this document, we outlined the increase in club membership, our various partners, and the club distribution across the country. Likewise, we highlight the numbers and objectively provided areas for improvement and expansion.

As we strive to make a dent in the international arena, specifically in the Asian-Pacific Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations, and our goal to be part of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Association, we believe this analytical report will be a stepping stone towards unifying our clubs and making our impact stronger in the years to come.

Layag, we set sail!


For over a decade now, the National Coordinating Body of Clubs for UNESCO in the Philippines (NCBUCP) has been constantly voyaging nonchalantly towards the achievement of its goals. Through its various activities, people – most especially the youth have been empowered to take on the responsibility of promoting global peace through local initiatives.  

The spirit of volunteerism continues as we face the challenges of the times. Not any obstacle can stop us from assuring the sustainability of the programs aimed at attaining quality education and lifelong learning, activating science knowledge and policy, addressing social and ethical challenges, fostering cultural diversity, and building inclusive knowledge societies.

We will face the waves of adversities because we have a strong sail… a sail that is armed with our commitment to serve God, our country, and our fellowmen. 

The NAUCP “Layag” will sail with strength as we journey onwards with brave and jubilant hearts.

Ronel M. Villanueva


National Coordinating Body of Clubs for UNESCO in the Philippines (NCBUCP)

NCBUCP Empowering the Youth for 10 years now.mp4

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NCBUCP Empowering the Youth 10 years from Now
A testimony by Joseph Justin Vinzons of Philippine Normal University (PNU) Unesco Club


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Impact Analysis of UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines