15th Mitsubishi Asian Children's Enikki Festa

The 15th Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa is designed to provide an opportunity for children worldwide to understand Asian people’s daily lives through illustrated diaries called “Enikki”. Children from 24 different countries and region in Asia will be invited to draw their illustrated diaries under the theme of “Here is my Life”. In the Philippines, this event is being facilitated by NCBUCP.



(1) Launching of the Festival via Zoom:                                               May 15, 2021

(2) Start of Sending of Illustrated Diaries:                                           June 1 – October 31, 2021

(3) National Screening in the Philippines:                                           November 15, 2021

(4) National Awarding in the Philippines:                                           December 10-12, 2021

(5) International Screening in Japan:                                                    April, 2022

(6) The Award Ceremony and a cultural exchange program:              July 2022 (Yokohama, Japan)



(1) Volume

Each Enikki will be drawn on the A4-size [297mm long x 210mm wide] drawing paper or the equivalent by paint, color pencils or crayons etc. and each entry should be five pages.





In Japan we have a custom of creating “Enikki” (Illustrated Diaries) that portray daily events and thoughts in the form of a picture and a short essay. In an “Enikki” the author not only writes about things he/she has seen, heard, done or thought, but also describes his/her rich humanity and sensibility. Since pictures can transcend language and literacy boundaries, “Enikki” can be a very effective means for cross-cultural understanding.

(2) Theme

 “Here is my life”  (You may choose any subjects you want for your diary)

Any subjects can be chosen from the daily life of you.

Enikki can describe what you did, saw, experienced or had in mind in your daily life that you want your Asian friends to know and to understand, such as nature and climate, favorite games, family and friends, school life, and local festivals and traditional performing arts.


(3) Eligibility

Children aged 6 - 12 at the time of entry


(4) Entry Period

June 1 – October 31, 2021 in principle

This period shall be decided by the Executive committee in each country / region


(5) Format

A A4-size (297mm long x 210mm wide) page with

the picture at the top (two thirds of the page),

and the essay beneath (one third of the page).

The picture and essay being on the front side of the page.

Please do not use the back side. Please download below.


(6) Entry Procedures

Write your name on the back of each of the five pages, and number them (on the back) 1 – 5.

Fill in the entry form attached to the Entry Requirements and turn it in with your entry.

Put the five pages together with the entry form, and deliver or mail them.

Please do not damage the entry by using a glue or stapler or laminating them.


(7) Application Criteria

1) Applicant’s work must be original artwork in every sense and have not been made public at all.

The entry shall be disqualified if the work includes any of the followings which may infringe any other person’s copyrights or which may deny originality of the Enikki;

a) any copy or reproduction of picture, cartoons, sentences and etc.

b) cut-out of anything that may infringe trademark and/or portrait rights.

c) cut-out from printed materials such as newspapers, magazine and advertisements.

2) Applicant’s work must be manually created, i.e. the picture must be drawn or painted by entrant herself/himself and the essay be written by the entrant herself/himself. Any digital artworks or typed or word-processed essays will be disqualified.

(8) Awards

[1] Grand Prix Award (one winner per country and region)

Winners will receive trophies and commemorative medals and will be invited to the Award Ceremony and a cultural exchange program to be held in Japan. (In case unexpected events happen, the tour will be cancelled at the sole discretion of the Organizers and the possible participants will receive commemorative goods instead.)


[2] Organizers’ Awards

Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee Award (one winner per country and region)

Winners will receive certificates of the award and commemorative gifts.


Asian Pacific Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations Award

(one winner per country and region)

Winners will receive certificates of the award and commemorative gifts.


National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan Award

(one winner per country and region)

Winners will receive certificates of the award and commemorative gifts.


[3] Excellence Award

(four winners per country and region)

Winners will receive certificates of the award and commemorative gifts.


(9) Selection Method

The Executive Committee in each country and region will carry out the first screening, and will select 8 entries. These 8 entries will then be sent to Japan where they will be judged by the International Screening Committee in Japan. In this way, winning “Illustrated Diaries” will be selected.

*Please note that entries sent to Japan will not be returned. The right to the “Illustrated Diaries” is held by organizers.



Dr. Serafin A. Arviola Jr.

Chairman, National Coordinating Body of UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines





Ms. Geraldine Remo

Board Member, National Coordinating Body of UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines

St. Bridget School 1047 Aurora Bld, Quezon City




In this regard, we would like to invite your club to serve as an arm of NCBUCP in implementing this project in your school and localities. We would like to encourage you to look for at least 50 elementary school children to participate and send entries for this competition.

You can download the entry forms below.


We hope that you will make this project as your own and encourage creativity among Filipino Children.


Thank you.

Dr. Serafin A. Arviola Jr.

Chairman, NCBUCP

One of the Enikkis by the Grand-Prix Winner of Japan in the 2019-20 Festa.

Download here: